The Three Amigos

The culture and spirit of your team is very important. In fact, many times I will state that culture is everything. Good culture can drive your team and make the job enjoyable. Bad culture can destroy a team quickly or destroy it slowly based upon the degree of what is making it bad. Therefore back […]

The River and the Rocks

In Leadership Training we teach our managers to navigate between the river and the rocks. The philosophy of the lesson is to demonstrate that where you place your focus is where you will guide your team. In white water rafting they teach that your focus should be on the current of the river and how […]

This is what coaches do!

About 15 Years ago I attended a High School Football game with a work colleague to watch his son play. I have always believed that great leaders are great coaches. It was from this experience of watching this game that I saw the association on how the coaches from the football teams coached and how […]

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