Leadership Understands “The Best Defense is an Offense”

Peyton Manning has built teams that are so strong offensively that many times their best defense is the offense they built. Other teams define a game plan that hopefully will keep his offense off the field. Because Peyton Manning’s offense is so strong it has altered how teams play against them. Certainly the opposing team […]

Leadership Teaches “Bad News Does Not Get Better With Time”

There I was, the first time I was allowed to drive anywhere but school or work and I hit a parked car. Yes, that story is true. My parents, or shall I say my father, allowed me to take my 1969 Chevy Nova to a High School Football game. After the game I simply turned […]

Effective Selling “Give Them The Sizzle, Not The Steak!”

Great sales people know how to communicate the exact benefits to a clients’ solution by understanding their objectives. Some are naturally gifted and others can learn the secrets to selling. We all have faced the challenge with the sales person who wants to explain everything about a product or solution, yet they are unaware of […]

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