That’s What Coaches Do – The Final Interview

Mr. Scott was on the sales floor and immediately made his way over to greet me. “Let’s go in my office,” he smiled warmly. “I trust your interviews went well?” “Thank you for this opportunity,” I stated. “I am enthused and energized by this experience. I found each manager professional and respectful. They each carried […]

The Current and the Rocks

“There are two views of success. One view is my own personal success. The second view is the success of those that are the team. ‘Whose are you focusing on?’ is a profound question. I say that because our focus is on the team. Simply stated, my focus is on the success of our employees […]

Knowledge is the Vehicle for Change

A humble person doesn’t shout and say, ‘Look what I accomplished.’ Accomplishments are like humility; people will recognize them by results. By watching Mr. Scott, our boss, I see how his humility helps others grow. Because it’s not about him, others receive credit and try harder. Everyone trying harder is good for our business. Humility […]

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