The Myth of Complexity

I remember early on in a discussion with my boss, Mr. Scott, in a staff meeting, the subject was brought up assessing our sales personnel. I mentioned an individual who I classified as someone I believed wasn’t going to make it because of his numbers. Mr. Scott asked me what was my plan for this […]

The Heart of the Problem

Whether we need one employee or twenty, who we add to our team must be a fit and share our vision. Our sales staff might be stable at the present time, but we always want to stay active in recruiting. This adds to our success. “It is our philosophy that we owe it to our […]

Crap or Honey?

As one that studies business, I have witnessed many successes and many failures. I often question how some managers are consistently more successful than others. What do they do differently? What is it about certain leaders that allow them to be successful no matter what circumstance or situation they find themselves in? Think about an […]

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