Misery Loves Company

There that person is, the one that always has a complaint. The one that has been cheated out of things all of their life and everything has been unfair to them. Some people are just filled with discontent. Some people actually seem to want to stay in this state, although they would deny this. Unfortunately, […]

Be More Concerned About Your Character

I was just starting out in the workforce, which in my days as a teenager most of us worked fast food. The work was steady and the pay met my needs at the time. But as I started working in the workforce I realized that who you associated yourself with at work was important. I […]

The Trust To Disagree

There you are, in a meeting with your peers, making decisions that will impact your department, impact your company, and impact you. Another peer, or even the leader throws out an idea that others quickly grab on to as a good idea and direction, but you have concerns, legitimate concerns. Do you have the trust, […]

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