My friend, Sonia Bueno de la Torre, has invited me to speak at THE ENERGY SHIFT SUMMIT! I’m incredibly excited because, along with that invitation, I was offered the chance to extend to you the opportunity to listen in.

If you’re looking for more Love, Joy & Abundance in YOUR life, this is your answer!

And you don’t have to pay a dime to attend. (It’s completely FREE!)

Beginning November 7, you’ll get exclusive access to over 20 experts sharing their strategies that will help you…


  • Shift your energy to experience more joy.
  • Create love in every aspect of your life, strengthening your relationships with others and yourself.
  • Reconnect with your divine soul and learn how to trust your higher self, and live your purpose.
  • Clear money blocks, so you can stop worrying about your finances, and attract abundance.
  • And much, much more.

All you have to do is reserve your spot by going here:

Don’t pass up this opportunity to stop the constant struggle and experience more love, joy and abundance in your life!

If you are ready to make a real change, then I’ll “see” you at THE ENERGY SHIFT!

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