The Current and the Rocks

“There are two views of success. One view is my own personal success. The second view is the success of those that are the team. ‘Whose are you focusing on?’ is a profound question. I say that because our focus is on the team. Simply stated, my focus is on the success of our employees and staff. If I focus on my success, I become shortsighted or blind to others. True long-term success comes by focusing on what it takes for the team to succeed. This takes becoming involved and knowledgeable to each individual. If you create this environment, you’ll have an appreciative team, knowing that your focus is on their success. This coach had five championships in ten years. The other years they were very much contenders to win, but what brought this coach success was not focusing upon him or on what would make him look good. He realized that by focusing on his individual player’s success that the team came together to be successful. Their success naturally brought him success, but this formula was long-term. That’s the key to building this way.

“Shortsighted managers or coaches will focus on themselves. Sure, everyone wants results, but shortsighted managers or coaches make it all about them. Many autocratic styled managers or coaches have had quick success but usually long-term results fade. This NBA team excelled as a team. Over that ten-year period, they even made difficult decisions on players. But because they knew their coach’s focus was truly on them, they knew it was for the better of the team. Their coach had their trust. Managing employees is no different. Now I have personally worked for both types of managers. The difference in the environment has me working harder. If you enjoy your work, the team environment, and respect and trust your manager or managers, you will naturally work harder. You’ll find yourself more dedicated.”

“How do you instill this?”

“I help my staff focus on our players, as I do myself. I evaluate their success based on those factors. Our employees’ development is very important. Since Mr. Scott took over, we have had several employees get promoted outside this location. We’ve become a source of people development to our corporation. A shortsighted manager or coach would not want to lose anybody. A coach whose focus is on the player would understand that others growing breeds a stronger environment. Those that have gone on to promotions we hold up as examples. Our corporation looks upon us favorably, so our focus has brought Mr. Scott success. Funny thing is that when we lose someone to a promotion, we always have good people to fill those rolls. Tell me, would you rather work for an employer that had no growth opportunities or one that continued to have growth opportunities?”

“That’s a no brainer. Obviously the one that continually has growth opportunities would excite me. I think I would naturally work harder at what I do.” I stated.


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